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  With the development of science and technology,people are attaching more and more signifance to low-carbon lifestyle. There is no denying that we should lead a low-carbon life.For example ,we should turn off the light when we leave the classroom,turn off the water tap when we finish washing and so on. What's more/Furthermore,it's our duty to lead a low-carbon life,which does good to our environment/sustainable development.Let us lead a low- carbon life !

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  If you think about a younger sister, you don't want a crazy girl like her erratic. This summer vacation, she is a stick up will never let go, take me to the dead.

  She is a born master plan, despite her age small, mind racing than sidon animals "little horse" of the novel. Not read how many books she had 36 plan of incisively and vividly. One day, the mother went into the kitchen to eat we eat fruit, she ran like mad to the kitchen and rolled up a plate like aside all kinds of fruit. Have long known that she is super fruit king, I know that should not take with her, then staged "lady" mode, let her take first. Unexpectedly, when I walked past "elegant", after the plate only lone a banana. "Alas," I with a heavy sigh, she is too hard. I was about to poke a banana, she suddenly reached out to rob. Fortunately, this young lady responds quickly, immediately lift the banana. "Hey, you also too bad." I said resentfully. After she heard, coquetry miraculously, said: "good sister, I haven't eat enough, you give me is the banana?" "No! I haven't eat!" I said angrily. Began to see not soft, hard, a madam, stretch hand to grab. I already familiar with her "moves", the electives. Her hand to the right, I will take the banana swing to the left; Her hand towards the left, I will give the banana to jilt to the right. See yourself with force afraid not line, only her eyes at a guru and smile at me. Mother often says her eyes can speak, at this time, her eyes as if to say: "ha ha, you of the end of the day, banana objects belong to the" owner "soon, wow kaka kaka!" At this time, I can't help but think of the horror film face ferocious witch, played a quivering, vigilance arises spontaneously. She held up his hand to rob my banana in the hand, I subconsciously pick bananas reach even higher. Said slowly, when the moment, she suddenly stretched out her clutches to scratch my body the most weak place - the belly. I immediately laughed, inadvertently a soft hand, banana fell. She immediately like a hunter hit prey, hold up my poor a banana is running. Good one by then enter the meter!

  At the same time, she is a great master of gossip. I'm doing my summer homework, she like a rabbit ran "beeping", his eyes bright. "What?" I stepped back warily. She smiled and said: "elder sister, I tell you oh, I found the secret of the father." "What is the secret? Let's hear it." I immediately to the interest. She sells imprison son and stopped for a while, slowly and said, "sister, I'm going to not tell you!" She said and ran away. Soon after, I finished my homework, see her in my diary. Don't! I immediately rush toward the past, a taken away. She said a wry smile: "elder sister, I know your secret." My face became livid, said: "you cannot say it out." She smiled and said: "no problem, however, elder sister, you want to help me wash the dishes." To help her wash the dishes! I don't! But I can't think of anything else, just nodded and agreed. I later learned that she was magically know the mother's secret. Know so many secret, useful? It was not until that day, I know there is no use. It was the summer vacation, I and my sister secretly watching TV at home, I didn't think be back early father saw, he said sternly: "I don't tell your mother!" She immediately stood up and rightfully said: "how dare you!" Oh my god! The momentum reminds me of my roars from the mountains of that kind of dignity, the kind of fierce waters against the rock, the sort of bold plunges three thousand feet. I say this is no exaggeration, father is a king, as a child she dare to outspoken to intimidate dad, affirmation is enough! She picked up a book casually, said: "be careful I told my mother you hide private..." She hasn't finished, dad's face immediately changed color, interrupted and said, "okay, I do not say, you can't say, let me catch you again next time in watching TV, you carefully to see how I tidy up you!" Watching me shocked with all this, thought: well, looks like a king and escapes the control of her gossip master!

  She ah, counsel is not only a master, master of gossip, or a super annoying trick master. That day in the middle of the night, I got up and go to the toilet, came back, found that she actually gone! It scared me out in a cold sweat, just still in bed like a pig in a deep sleep now, how to push and push don't wake up, how to evaporate from your room now? Jitters in the room, I turned around, there's no one there. I thought, she can't be captured by monsters! I just get ready to go across the room to inform mom and dad, suddenly saw a white thing standing in the doorway, as it was night, the white was particularly clear. I saw the white terror things took up the "hand" of white came to me. My first reaction was: ah! Sister is seized the ghost returned to catch me! The second response is: "ah," screamed and ran back sharply. Ghost after seeing my reaction to burst out laughing. "What!" I watched "ghost" of angry white cloth cover on it, it was just evaporate from the room's sister. I said sternly, "where have you run!" She smiled and said in a sarcastic tone: "you're a fool, I have been hiding behind the door!" I learned the truth provocation.

  Well, you said, there is such a younger sister, can not let a person afflictive? Oh, she is back! I am not to be taunted still can't afford to hide? Slipped quickly! What did you say? Hiss, small voice point, don't let her hear.

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  3、春节期间,人们…… 参考词汇:对联couplet 爆竹firecracker

  Dear John,

  How time flies! Four moths have passed since we saw each other last time. I cannot helpbut miss you. You asked me about Chinese Spring Festival. Now I would like to tell yousomething about it.The Spring Festival is a Chinese traditional festival. It is the most important and enjoyable one. A few days before the festival, houses are cleaned and red couplets are put up on the doors of every household. They are said to frighten away the ghosts. On that day, people are dressed up. Firecrackers ring out in the air, which adds to the atmosphere of the festival. People after a year’s hard work begin to relax and visit one another. Presents and dinners are given to celebrate the happy reunion of friends and relatives. Families get together. They have jiaozi and enjoy the New Year TV show. Customs may vary from place to place, but the same happy atmosphere is to be found everywhere in the country.

  Now, I hope you have some idea of Chinese Spring Festival.

  Best wishes,


  Li Hua







英语话题作文 篇4

  I like style A very much。I think wearing such school uniforms can make us look not only smart but also sporty。And we may feel energetic when we wear them。I like the colours as well。It’s good for boys to wear blue and white。They are a good match。They can make us feel less stressed。And red is also a good colour for girls。Red makes us feel full of energy and passion。It can make us take action easily。

英语话题作文 篇5

  MY FAMILY Hello! Everybody.My name is XXX,I am eight years old this year. I go to school at Class seven,Grade three in the experimental primary school .My family have three people,I love my family.

  I like drawing,because drawing can increase my imagination and creativity, and make me to be quiet.I like sporting too,it can exercise body and make me health.My father is a worker,His name is XiJianHua,He is tuhirty-eight years old,He likes reading and playing games with me.My mother is a teacher,her name is ZhangKun, she is thirty-three years old,she likes music and travel, She is very kind and nice.

  This is my family. My family is an ordinary family,but it is the most warm and happy one. I am proud to have such a family. I love my parents! I love my family.

英语话题作文 篇6

  Recently, it is very popular to live a low-carbon life.Living a low-carbon life is ofgreat importance to every one. First of all, it can protect the environment to a great extent. Second, it can save the limited natural resources and energy, and will leave a better world for our offspring.Third, it is a healthy lifestyle and will help mould a harmonious social atmosphere.

  Therefore, how to create a low-carbon life is necessary for us to consider. To begin with, we should save the energy, such as the electricity, water and domestic gas. Second, when we go out we can walk or ride a bike instead of by car. Third, we should not use the plastic bags which are hard to break down. If so, we can live a low-carbon life and gain the happiness of it.

英语话题作文 篇7

  1. 出国留学有很多好处

  2. 出国留学也会遇到很多难题

  3. 你的选择



  Being exposed to entirely new ideas and trends,they can enrich their knowledge and expand their horizons.


  by living and studying in a foreign country, one can improve his foreign language much faster than at home.


  A great gift a parent can give is to let a child spread his /her wings and be independent

  Reduce their dependence on their parents



  learning a foreign language and communicating smoothly with the local people is far from an easy thing at the outset for most people.


  It also takes time for students to adapt themselves to a new diet, custom,set of ideas and even the climate


英语话题作文600字 篇1
  It was breezy yesterday and the weather was comfortable. My class teacher led our students go to plant trees near the suburbs. We took a bus there and t ...... 阅读全文